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Fertility Hope for You

Unlike boys, who produce sperm cells throughout their lives, girls are born with a finite amount of egg cells. From approximately 2 million egg cells at birth, by the time a girl reaches puberty, only about 25% of remain. From these, only around 350 will mature and be released through ovulation. Provided that not every egg cell is capable of producing and offspring - it paints a rather grim picture. If you are struggling to conceive, there’s a fertility hope for you yet!

The -Not So- Young and Restless - A Fertility Choice for Women over 35

In the present dynamic of modern life, the pursuit of a successful professional career oftentimes takes precedence over “settling down” and forming a family. However, our biological clocks aren’t always synced with our plans, thus couples who are in their 30s struggle with infertility and have trouble conceiving. After trying to conceive naturally without success, you may be feeling restless about...